Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Algordanza is the result of a long conceptual development process. We have provided proof that the idea of a Memorial Diamond can be realized with reverence. A considerable amount of time was invested to pave the way that Algordanza is taking now. Algordanza, an unusual name, stands for “memory, remembrance,” literally translated from the Rhaeto-Romanic language. The early interest in our Memorial Diamonds has helped us to believe in ourselves. To have founded Algordanza was never regretted. We made the right choice: the Diamond Burial. Thank you very much to all who have helped and supported us in the past, today and in the future.


Traditional burials today have a valuable alternative: the Diamond Burial is more than just another form of burial. We are setting milestones. Global partnerships have shown that the Diamond Burial is the most personal and universal of all burial forms. It is our aim to be represented on all continents and to find partners in all countries who can offer this product and these services locally to the people. Memorial diamonds will be the third kind of burial.

How we do perceive… … our customers Life in all its facets will end someday. Relatives of a deceased person suffer a difficult time full of grief, but of memories as well. During this time our customers rely on our trust, our empathy, sensitivity and support. Respecting the dignity of the deceased, emotional support and a guarantee of high ethic values are the decisive factors for a positive relationship to the bereaved. From the very beginning of our first contact, we offer our customers the impression that they have put their wish for a very special personal memory into the best possible hands.

… our partners

In order to be globally active and successful, you need trustworthy and cooperative partners. Members of the Algordanza group are selected carefully and all comply with the above requirements. Each individual cooperation partner is in close contact with us. What counts is the communication between human beings, not companies. The exchange of ideas guarantees the implementation of our vision flawlessly within the whole Algordanza group.

We care for our partners because they are part of the family. Their efforts to implement our values deserve our highest respect.

… our staff

In our sector work mainly takes place on the emotional level. On the one hand, this requires a strong heart and, on the other, a large amount of empathy. Through focused training and a reasonable allocation of projects, our staff members feel additionally supported. Being a member of a strong and working team further strengthens the morale of each team member. We are proud of our staff; we trust them and appreciate their loyalty and support.

… the media

Radio, TV stations and newspapers have already mentioned us and will continue to do so in the future. Sales and the generation of profits are not prime objectives in this context. It is our aim to encourage respectable journalism about our reverential treatment and our dedicated consideration of ethical values.

… the production

To make Memorial Diamonds grow, we extract carbon from the cremation ashes by means of especially designed devices. The diamond then grows under high pressure and temperatures until it has reached the desired size to be cut and polished into a unique Memorial Diamond. Each order is executed with extreme care, reverence and with all possible respect for the dignity of the deceased. Our diamonds are unique items, they represent human beings in their full dignity and individuality.

Our mission

Our mission consists of three essential elements: the love and respect for and the memory of a loved person. The Memorial Diamond is the brilliant union of all three. Through our support and counseling we help the bereaved to cope with their grief. Our Memorial Diamond is imperishable, constant and contributes to filling the void left by the deceased. We are grateful for the joy we are able to give with our memorial diamonds.
Algordanza AG