Algordanza Attention and Experience

For over 13 years, Algordanza has held the trusted name worldwide. Today, we are present in over 33 countries. We guarantee and document our reverent attention to the entrusted remains of your loved one.

We are pleased to recommend a funeral home nearby. Our partners are competent, caring and pleased to consult you on your order. If there is no institute or partner nearby, our representative in Texas will be at your service.


We encourage and welcome interested parties to visit our US facility and our laboratory in Switzerland. During the creation of your memorial diamond, you will be updated in each step of the process. Our timing is currently estimated at 4 to 7 months from the time the cremated remains are received in our US facility, to the moment when you have your personal memorial diamond back in your hands.

Payment Options

The ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamond starts at $2,999. A deposit of 50% is required, and the remaining balance is due upon completion of your personal memorial diamond.

Payment plans start as low as $100 per month. No finance fees. 0% interest.

Contact us today to request your free shipping kit, including everything you need to ship cremated remains.