About Algordanza

Algordanza’s memorial diamonds are personified commemorations of a beloved person, a symbol of personal closeness, imperishably and love – the most personal and most beautiful way for the bereaved to bear the remembrance of a beloved person.Diamonds made from cremated remains of humans

Diamonds are forever, and they can be an everlasting keepsake, remembrance, or heirloom to pass to future generations. Algordanza USA, part of a 20-country International group, can produce for you an authentic, brilliant diamond composed entirely of human elements such as the cremated remains of a loved one. Imagine the life moments you can memorialize with an exquisite diamond.

Algordanza’s memorial diamonds are absolutely unique and are solely generated from the cremation ashes handed over – without any additives and admixtures.¬†Every production step is completely documented. The diamond will be passed on together with a certificate indicating the chemical analysis of the ashes.

How we make your Memorial Diamond

1. The human elements (cremated remains) go through a chemical analysis

2. All non-carbon elements are dissolved leaving only raw organic carbon with variable traces of boron. (Boron levels dictate the color of the diamond)

3. The organic carbon is then converted into graphite. The graphite is then placed into a Diamond Press with a started diamond crystal. The graphite and starter crystals are subjected to 2700 F and 1,000,000 psi. The graphite then crystallizes off of the diamond recreating the same molecular structure as the starter diamond.

4. Once crystallized to the desired carat weight the contents are then removed from the press and the natural diamond crystal is cut from the rough diamond. The rough diamond is then cut down to the desired shape and the polished.

5. If selected, the diamond is then sent for laser engraving. If not, the diamond will be delivered.