Is an Algordanza Memorial Diamaond a genuine diamond?
Yes – the Algordanza Memorial Diamond shows the same physical, chemical and optical properties as a dug diamond. We would not be allowed to use the expression “diamond” if we could not prove that the diamond is genuine.

How much ashes are needed for the process and what happens to the remains?
On cremation of an adult human being there will be developed about 2kg of ashes on average. We require at least 500gr of the ashes for the synthesis.

The remains can be handled as follows:
a)All the ashes will be used for the synthesis. They will remain in the process until they are completely exhausted.
b)According to the legal general conditions the cremation ashes not used in the process will be returned to the funeral home in order to entomb it in an urn.

We assure a dignified and careful handling of the ashes and can prove it by corresponding documentation.

Can I have more than one diamond from the same ashes?
Yes – i.e. out of 1lb ashes, a total of 3 carats can be generated. But accurate specifics can only be made after a detailed analysis of the ashes in our laboratory.

Is the size of the diamond dependent on the amount of ashes used?
No – the size (weight) of the diamond is depending on the duration of the process. The longer the diamond lasts in the growing phase the bigger he can become. But as this process is becoming more unstable with increasing size, we can offer you for the time being a maximum size (weight) of 1.0 carat.

Can a memorial diamond still be produced even though the person has been deceased and cremated a long time ago?
Yes – the age of the ashes is not relevant for the synthesis. But in countries like Germany and Austria, where there is a compulsion of burial, an accurate procedure with the cemetery administration has to be kept. Please contact us hereunto.

Why do the diamonds have different colors?

The color is white, but may have – depending on the individual quantity of the element Boron in the carbon – a blue tint. We do not manipulate the color of the diamond in any way.

How long does it take till I can hold my diamond in my hands?
The synthesis takes about 3 months beginning from the date of receipt of the prepayment. As the synthesis of a diamond is a highly complex process, the procedure can take more time. We assure you that quality and precision have first priority, although the length of time of the synthesis could once be suffering therefrom.

What do you guarantee with the certificate?
With our certificate we guarantee the genuineness, weight, cut and the color of the diamond as well as the chemical composition indicating the origin source of the diamond from the cremation ashes passed on to us.

I would like to have my diamond work up to a piece of jewelery – is that possible?
You can have your diamond work up to a piece of jewelery from a jeweler of your choice at any time.

Do you also produce diamonds from the ashes of pets?
No – Algordanza is producing their memorial diamonds solely from the cremation ashes of deceased human beings.