The ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamond reflects the uniqueness of the deceased.

Your memorial diamond is grown individually upon your request.

The diamond transformation happens in our own HPHT machines, uniquely constructed for us according to our structural plans based on experience and research.

The machines feign the natural environment for the evolution of diamonds. The powerful machines have to create the pressure of 60'000 bar (870’000 psi) and between 2100-2600 ° F.

After the removal of the growing cell from the machine, the rough diamond can be separated from the metal alloy. Your personal memorial diamond will be hand-cut by experienced experts only.

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After the synthesis, the rough diamond is cut and polished according to your request, creating a meaningful tribute to your deceased loved one. Every day, everywhere, you can now keep their legacy alive forever. Contact us today to receive your free care package, including everything you need to ship cremated remains.