An Exceptional Offer: Hand Deliver Your Loved One's Ashes to Our Algordanza Laboratory

Join our team on the trip of a lifetime. Hand deliver your loved one's ashes to our memorial diamond laboratory in Domat/EMS Switzerland. Complimentary airfare with your memorial diamond purchase. Trips planned monthly. Please call us today to learn more about this exceptional offer.
*Purchase eligibility required. *Date restrictions may apply.


The dignity of the deceased and respect of the family is very important to us, and that is why the transformation of the ashes is made with the highest degree of care. We are dedicated to being transparent, thorough, and reverent. We encourage and welcome all interested parties to visit our facilities, and our laboratory doors in Switzerland are open to the public.

Learn More About Memorial Diamonds

At Algordanza, we are dedicated to helping grieving individuals honor and pay tribute to the life of their lost loved one. Trust us to create personal commemorations. To learn more about our unique diamond creations, please call (936) 828-1191, or contact us online here.  We are happy to assist you.