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We guarantee and document our reverent attention of the entrusted remains of your loved one. For over 10 years we have worked successfully with numerous funeral homes worldwide. Precision, respect, and discretion are the pillars of our success. The encouragement and trust we receive worldwide confirm our merit. Thank you for your choice in an Algordanza memorial diamond.

Our order process is very simple and we are happy to assist you, please contact us today to get started (936)828-1191 / (936)760-1130 or email us at

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*Payment Plans starting as low as $125 per month. 0% interest, No finance fees.

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We are pleased to recommend a funeral home partner close to you. Our partners are funeral professionals- competent, caring, and happy to consult you on your order. If there is no partner close to you, our team in Houston, TX will be happy to assist you with the process.