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Made by Destruction, Algordanza Memorial Diamonds featured on Discovery Science Channel. See actual footage of our laboratory and our unique memorial diamond making process.

"Instead of handing down great-grandma's possessions for future generations, why not give the gift of great-grandma herself?"

January 23, 2016 BTRtoday speaks with Christina Martoia, the National Coordinator for Algordanza, about the diamond conversion process and its implications.

On May 7, 2014, the daytime show "The Doctors" discussed the topic of memorial diamonds. An associate producer for the program contacted our Canadian partner, Remembrance Diamonds, prior to the show’s taping, and was sent two of our memorial diamonds to view the week it was recorded. We were pleased to be invited to provide “The Doctors” with information and insight into the service we offer.

In October 2014, The New York Post featured an article on Algordanza memorial diamonds.  The news item says people have paid 'anywhere from $10,000 to $32,000 for the prized possessions', however Algordanza memorial diamonds start at $2,999 USD. The article features many picture of our Rough diamonds and our Classic Cut diamonds, as well as some great images of our head office in Switzerland.

An article involving an Italian father's idea for his deceased son was a popular YouTube video and news item seen and read around the world in 2013.  Algordanza AG, our partner who fulfills our client's requests, were happy to complete his wish.

On May 23, 2012, a CNN broadcast featuring Scott Fong - director of our Algordanza office in Hong Kong was seen by millions around the world. As a result, client inquiries to Algordanza offices worldwide increased tremendously.

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